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Meet the artist with and for the FAT ART FAIR Team, Amboss Rampe, Zürich

Art Live Performance

For GastroSuisse and GastroTicino, Palazzetto Fevi, Locarno (Switzerland)


DARSI Collective

International exhibition of contemporary art, ranging from painting, drawing, sculpture, photography.
Il Darsi è una qualità saliente dell’arte che abbraccia lo stato immaginale degli artisti che hanno aderito a questa mostra. Il dare come dono, l’artista e la sua arte danno e si danno. Dare sé, se stessi agli altri. Il darsi come atto propositivo, di scambio, di stima, di conoscenza. È uno scambio biunivoco, perché anche colui /ei che riceve, si situa in una forma transitiva di scambio e di dono. Prestare ascolto, porgersi, mostrare attenzione agli altri, all’altra/o, denota prossimità, essere vicini a. Ci si connette in un intreccio morbido, donando e aprendosi à-rebours in spazi interstiziali dove tutto torna e dove tutto acquista nuovo senso, come una partita a ping-pong giocata su un campo mica troppo esiziale se non quello del nostro destino. La materia si districa e si avviluppa nei luoghi che ciascun artista ha eletto a propria compagine, sia essa in quella sciolta sui diagrammi che il pittore elegge e traccia a propria dimora, sia in quella non troppo velata che compone forme tattili depositandosi nei luoghi, sia ancora in quella mediata-data dall’occhio meccanico, o ancora in quella che nel desiderio rinviene e anela a porzioni mitiche di realtà agognate e trasognate che l’artista pone tra sé e il mondo. Piccoli gesti piccole essenze diagrammatiche di cui la rosa come scrisse Clarice Lispector ben cattura senso e disponibilità. In fondo cos’è l’arte se non questo disporsi e Darsi in totale e libera intimità tra il sé e il mondo?

The scheduled dates: Thursday 10 May and Thursday 24 May at 18.00.

Opening: April 9, 2018 h.18:30 From April 10 to May 30, 2018 From Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm - Free Entry Palazzo Lombardia, Spazio Espositivo, via Luigi Galvani 27

Collective, "Street Art 2. From Basquiat to Bansky"

This exhibition, although it is a continuation of the previous one, presents many new features with the presence of new pieces and artists representing the current Street Art scene, in particular the European one: many French present (El Moot Moot, EZK, Kurar, Lars, Thirsty Bstrd), but also English and Italian.

Large attention will obviously be reserved for some of the names that have made and continue to make history, including Basquiat, Keith Haring, Banksy and Obey (Shepard Fairey).

“According to Artprice’s Contemporary Art Market Report 2017, Street Art is conquering more and more collectors. Today, among the ten contemporary artists for sold works, four belong to the Street Art scene – affirms Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Director of Artrust – it is also for these reasons, as well as for the success of the previous exhibition thanks to which we were able to involve a wide audience in terms of age and tastes, that we have decided to continue on the theme of Street Art».

Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Direttrice di Artrust

Artrust SA, Via Pedemonte di Sopra 1, 6818 Melano CH

Art Fair Geneva 2018

I am pleased to announce my presence at the art fair with Cortesi Gallery.

Project exposed “Basquiat & I: into the present”.

Genève, Switzerland

1 - 4 February 2018

12 am - 8 pm

Cortesi Gallery

Booth C10


28.11.2017 - 10.02.2018

Cortesi Gallery, 41&43 Maddox Street, London //

Artist Promoted by ART51 Art Advisory //




Cortesi Gallery Lugano, Via Carlo Frasca 5 //
Artist Promoted by ART51 Art Advisory //

ELISA FOUNDATION Charity Gala 2017

One little work of "Basquiat & I: into the present" to charity.

Collective "Street Art. From Basquiat to Bansky"

The exhibition intends to tell the story of this particular cultural expression, trapped between illegality and art. From New York Metro wagons where it was born in the 1970s, Street Art has now gained popularity with the public and the full recognition as an artistic form, as well as being accepted in galleries and museums around the world.

“We are facing this year with one of the last great movements of the twentieth century, which today is among the most in vogue in terms of commercial success, media attention and popularity amid the public. The exhibition will present numerous works within a path from the pioneers of American graffiti (Seen, Cope2, Blade and many others) to the many forms of current Street Art. All, through some of the greatest names in the history of contemporary art: from Basquiat’s myth to Keith Haring’s creativity and the unreachable and mysterious Banksy.”

Patrizia Cattaneo, Direttrice di Artrust

Artrust SA, Via Pedemonte di Sopra 1, 6818 MELANO



14.9.2017 - 1.12.2017
Cortesi Gallery Lugano, Via Carlo Frasca 5 //
Artist Promoted by ART51 Art Advisory //

Press releas


The artistic project created by ART51 Art Advisory for the inauguration of the luxury residence Nizza Paradise in Paradiso (Lugano) aims to enhance the architectural structures of the building conceived and designed by the architect Mino Caggiula through a dialogue with a selection of contemporary artworks.
After studying the structures of the building, the materials used, the location of the residence and its relationship with the surrounding nature, we decided to put the concept of light at the centre of the exhibition project. Four artists, very different for their age, training, experience and artistic journey, have been selected, revealing the most varied and composite potential of light as an expressive instrument.

in the title of the exhibition we wanted then "play" with the light and paradise words: Light up Paradise, immediately reminds the subject to the visitor, but also expresses the close link with the place, which is not simply the exhibition site, but also the crucial point of the show.

Even the people invited to see the paintings, from simple visitors of the residence are thus transformed into spectators of an event that unfolds between the exterior spaces and the apartments of the building, living a deeper experience.

It is not a collective exhibition, but a series of individual interventions on different spaces, which maintain the individuality of the various artistic personalities. Each artist has its own specific area where to exhibit.

Artist: Carlo Bernardini, Lorenza Cavalli, Peter Flaccus, Serena Maisto

Photo: Serena Maisto, Gestation Sculpture#zero, steel and led.

​Time Line. My walk with Basquiat.

Serena Maisto – Time line. My Walk with Basquiat
15 maggio – 21 luglio 2017
Opening: lunedí 15 maggio, 17.30-20.00
Cortesi Gallery Lugano, Via Carlo Frasca 5 //
Artist Represented by ART51 Art Advisory //

Installation view

Comunicato stampa / Press release

Performance UBP Bank

Private performance

ATTIMI Opening

Opening at 18:00 pm, the new collection ATTIMI.

Opening 40Steps Collection

Carrozzeria Melis Daniele

For the occasion: paint on two bonnets of cars that will be transformed into wall sculptures (led light behind) .

Transiti Balerna

Opening 4 september at 18pm, Sala del Torchio, Balerna

Photo's opening

Opening New Atelier


Opening New Atelier

ExpoGusto 2014

Serena Maisto will be present with a small stand to "Centro Congressi" in Lugano (15-16-17 november 2014)


Piero Gros

Presentation of the skis in fusing artistic “World Ski Champion Glass // Project”, numbered series, the last work of Chiara Ferraris Gea Lab Project with art interventions by Serena Maisto.

The evening will be held on May 22, 2014, from 18.30, the entry will only be possible through ticket / pass that is required (for those interested to attend the evening) with email in the “contact” section.

Piero Gros, ancora record

Il Liberty

Stand decaration for the restaurant “Il Liberty”, Milan at the TASTE OF MILANO (8-11 may)

Rist. Il Liberty
Taste of Milano


January 23, 2014.
Creating a live triptych of 3 meters, on plexiglass, during the first drink of the 2014. Series GLEMOTION.
18 pm to Glem Risto Break.

The Glem Bar

Dou Asian Fusion Restaurant Milano

Plexliglass by serenamaisto in the DOU ASIAN FUSION RESTAURANT, Piazza Napoli, Milan. Browse through

Opening UN SEGNO

Opening UN SEGNO: DeepArte, Salita la Cattedrale, Lugano.



Opening Fiumeinpiena

Via al deserto, Tesserete. 18:00



24.4.2008 - 29.5.2008